How to Get Free Pop Slots Chips (Complete Guide)

Learn How to Get Free Pop Slots Chips

Zealous players of POP! Slots Game often ask where to get some extra chip freebies for the game. Because who doesn’t like to play with Free Pop Slots Chips? Of course, everyone. So we will share some awesome techniques to get chips for Pop slots.

Few Words On Pop Slots First

POP! Slots is a pretty famous mobile-app only game. Which means it is only available on iOS and Android. iOS App can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPad devices. While on the other hand, Android application can be fetched from different sources. Most reliable one is Google Play Store. Because you can update the App and it’s also very secure.

And if you download Pop Slots APK from other sources and APK sites then it can be a little unsafe so you should be cautious and aware in this matter.

Pop Slots can be played by connecting your Facebook account. And you should connect your Facebook account with Pop Slots App to save your progress in the game. It can also contribute to more fun because you can add your friends and play with them too.

Best Working Ways to Get Free Pop Slots Chips

Let’s discuss some of the greatest way by which you can get some chips in this great game.

Play it Daily & Get Daily Bonus

You surely already follow this guideline and we don’t need to tell you about it. But what we are emphasizing on is that you should at least open this App per day to get your 60K or more bonus in the game. It does not take anything and you just have to open it, wait for the game to load, collect your bonus free chips and close the App. That’s it! So make sure you do this everyday to save some chips for future game play.

Invite Your Friends From Facebook

This one is also a great initiative by the game developer. It helps in sharing and promoting the game as well as you get to invite your friends for some bonus. Which means not only you and your friend can play together, challenge each other and have more fun but you are getting some reward for just sending an invitation. This is great, isn’t it? So go ahead, invite some friends and get your 12.5K chips for getting the word out.

Get Time Bonus Every 2 Hour

Now that’s another thing you surely do as a Pop slots player but the real question is, do you do it enough times? Because the more you open game after 2 hours, the more you can achieve the bonuses of Free Pop Slots Chips. So do claim the bonuses from game App.

Play More And Level Up to Receive Upcoming Award of Free Pop Slots Chips

Did you know that there’s a reward of chips when you level up in the game? So if you want more rewards, you need to level up more and more often. The higher level you climb, more chips you receive. And to raise your level, you need to play it more and more often. As there is a percentage of levels. Once it is 100% for a certain level, you climb to next and it starts from 0%.

Best of Best: Collect Free Pop Slots Chips with Promo Links

We saved the best one for the last. And why do we call this one the best, you might ask. Keep reading to learn more. Now first of all there’s a catch in this one; it’s not confirm. But good news is there’s still great chances for it. The method we are talking about is getting Pop Slots Chips with promotional links given out by POP! Slots social media pages itself. We collect them and share them in a very organized and proper way. These rewards are usually huge. They do expire but they keep coming after every few hours. So just keep an eye and get Pop Slots Chips daily with our fan blog.


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